Organic Mushroom Kits

Fruiting Mushrooms at home is a simple and fun experience for the whole family and will introduce a bounty of fresh-off-the-block gourmet mushrooms into your daily meal making!  Our Fruit-At-Home kits come with a high yielding fully colonized 10 pound block of substrate bearing the mushroom mycelium of your choice: Shiitake, Lions Mane, or Italian Oyster along with a humidity tent and a set of instructions for easy countertop fruiting.  Follow the simple fruiting guidelines outlined below and in your kit and you’ll be harvesting fresh mushrooms within 10-14 days!

Once activated it will take approximately 2 weeks to start seeing mushroom ‘pins’ – these are baby mushrooms. Keep spraying them and you should have harvestable mushrooms within a few days

Mushroom blocks love room temp (60F), humidity and indirect light. Uncover your block from the tented humidity dome 2x per day for a minute or two and harvest as soon as your mushrooms have finished growing!

Your mushroom block is fully compostable.

What is a mushroom kit?

Our mushroom kits are essentially synthetic substrate logs.  In nature you will find mushrooms emerging from between cracks in the bark from a mycelium colonized log or dead tree. The bark protects the forming mycelium as it colonizes the heart wood and helps the log retain its moisture for mushroom formation. The ‘heartwood’ of our mushroom kits is comprised of an organic nitrogen rich red oak sawdust blend. The blend is protected by a recyclable plastic bag acting as the bark and fitted with a filter patch that allows the mushroom mycelium to maintain moisture content and simultaneously breathe.

What is substrate?

Substrate is a combination of hydrated deciduous sawdust blended with a mixture of agricultural byproducts such as organic wheat middlings, organic soy hulls and organic whole grains such as millet and wheat. This substrate is what we cultivate mycelium in for the production of mushrooms.

Maine Mushroom Farm Alliance

All of our mushroom grow kits are proudly produced by our partnering team Maine Cap ‘N Stem in Gardiner, Maine USA, specializing in the production of Certified Organic high-yielding substrates.

Whether you’re looking to grow for dinner or for your community, we are here to support your interest in cultivating gourmet mushrooms!

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Showing all 2 results